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Through the following assets, ATC has made trading quick and reliable:

* 50,000 MT Grain Silos  for storing wheat, barley and corn with the ability to maintain quality in a long time in Anzali .

* Shipunloader that is model Multiport M2000-25-GF-GS bought from NEUERO Industrietechnik (für Förderanlagen) GmbH which can unload 300 Ton per hour  in order to focus on a fast distribution strategies for our valuable clients.

* Oil edible tank with the capability of 6,000 Ton for Storing crude oils to unload directly from vessel to the tank by 1500 Meter pipe line.

ATC`s assets has enabled the company to perform different operations related to agribusiness and try to respond with flexibility to the growing global demand for grain.We have strong presence through  collaboration and business partnership with international companies and manufacturers.