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Responsibility is proudly observed throughout all our activities, no matter where we are serving.
The “fair trade” and “greener environment” are our general approaches in all our locations worldwide and we strictly adhere to them. Our group tries to have highest standards for the health of people, and the environment. ATC has tried to trade bio fuel to encourage the application of non-fossil fuel.
ATC feels highly responsible against the health and safety of people and environment and tries to fulfill the highest standards regarding them.
ATC has always tried to be responsible towards the area it has been working in. We employ local people to be at the charge of our offices and facilities where we are operating. This way, we feel we have a small part in unemployment reduction for that community.
ATC`s policy is to act responsibly towards all transactions and business agreements with its partners, suppliers, buyers, and sellers in all the stages of trading. We consider every responsibility upon us from our partners and business traders as serious as ours and commit to finalize it and make it effective.