About Us

Founded in 2006, the ATC has been highly specialized in trading grain, energy, steel, minerals, and chemicals globally. According to our risk management and strong connection worldwide, ATC has become one of the largest privately-owned holding companies in the world. From the outset, our major goal was to be a well-known company in agricultural commodities, oil, steel, minerals, and chemicals. Our main focus has been on trading particular commodities such as wheat, barley, corn, soybean, edible oil, and oilseeds. Meanwhile, the company’s assets like grain silos in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Iranian ports enable us to handle the process well. Having 30 offices working together in different parts of the world allows the ATC group to be linked to its subsidiary companies and clients in a quite straightforward process. Moreover, our head office is located in Iran.

A message from CEO

I would like to thank all our supportive customers and hardworking team. Back in our history, we have faced up to a lot of challenges that needed patience and professionalism to be solved. These ups and downs taught us the valuable experience to be passionate about improving. Today, our worldwide activity is the best evidence to confirm the details.


Although we have been achieved a lot since we started, we have continuing our hard work to promote the ATC. We have an overwhelming desire to grow, but we always follow the notion of “Fair Trade” and “A Greener Environment”. For future reference, the ATC group will continue to meet clients’ needs and try to optimize the local and international trading processes and support them. Meanwhile, we will accept any new reform which makes us improve and put a high value on our company.

Business Development

We believe in strategies which that help us cooperate with the world through partnership, investment, and trading opportunities. The ATC business development team consists of experts, professionals, and analysts who are experienced and knowledgeable in what we need, like agribusiness, oil, chemicals, minerals, metals, and financing. To reach our goals and grow, our skillful experts enable us to recognize opportunities based on partnership and increase cooperation to achieve them. The ATC has always tried to be responsible for the area it has been located in. We employ local people to put them in charge of our offices. This way, we can have a small role in unemployment reduction in that community. The ATC’s policy is to act responsibly towards all transactions and business agreements with its partners, suppliers, buyers, and sellers in all stages of trading. We consider every responsibility upon us related to our partners and business traders so seriously and try to finalize it and make it more effective.